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Jul 8, 2021 | Newsletter

Spring Has Sprung

A Note From Sue

A note from Sue

Hello Friends,
I love the spring-it is so nice to see the green come back and the flowers blooming! It is a season of new beginnings and growth-much like what many are going thru in these times of so many changes in our world. What are you looking forward to this spring and summer?

It has been an exciting time with new clients and I just attending an educational concierge conference where I learned better ways to serve all of you!

So happy to see the Covid restrictions coming off and humans getting back to some normalcy-especially our beloved seniors who have been so isolated and lonely.
Many clients are needing help with spring cleaning and organizing. I am taking appointments now for:
🌺 Organizing offices, files and decluttering
🌺 Clean up around the yard to get ready to enjoy your summer
🌺 Wardrobe change over
🌺 Taking donations to a charity
🌺 Light housekeeping and laundry
🌺 Errand running so you can spend time with your loved ones
🌺 Helping get your home ready for summer guests
🌺 Grocery shopping and putting it away for you
🌺 And much more!

Let’s get a fresh start together!

Stuff To Do In the Community:

Forgotten Harvest is looking for volunteers for a variety of assignments this month. If you are interested in volunteering, please click HERE for more information.
~ Enjoy the Fall colors at The Henry Ford House in Grosse Pointe. You can visit the grounds for only $5.00 each for the whole day. What a great thing to do with your family. Make a picnic, bring a blanket and hang out by the beautiful Lake St. Clair. You can watch the water and boaters go by and see the beautiful gardens.

~ These are great links to use for all kinds of upcoming events: https://www.clickondetroit.com/liveguide/#/
~ Take a stroll down memory lane at the world-famous Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.
~ Check out Belle Isle and all it has to offer!!  A stroll on the waterfront or a leisurely drive around the island does a soul good. Nothing like fresh air and beautiful fall colors to make us feel alive! Visit a Cider Mill and eat lots of yummy donuts and cider.

Most seniors enjoy the company of family, friends, caretakers and new companions. In-home companionship has a huge impact on the mental health of the elderly. Not only do companionship services provide the senior with much needed interaction, they relieve some of the stress and worry from family caregivers. This allows time spent with family to be more fun and carefree, and less of a stressor.

A helpful and friendly companion has a unique influence on a senior’s quality of life. In many cases, after a few visits from a companion, the senior is much more willing to initiate activities and accomplish tasks independently. This sense of self-worth has a significant impact on mental health.

For more information on senior companion services:

How to downsize when moving

How to start downsizing 

Seniors often feel the need to downsize to a condominium or senior living community after they retire and their kids have left home. This can be an overwhelming task! Sit down together to create a plan for where and how to get started. Some have found it helps to first go through the whole house and de-clutter.  (You’ll probably be surprised at how much clutter has accumulated!) Once that is done, you can start a room-by-room approach to really dig in and pack up.

Senior Concierge Service

If you need professional advice to help you through this process, Boutique Concierge Service is here  for you. I can provide support with everything from interviewing moving companies to arranging for a charity to pick up donations.


Just wrapped up a project helping a client who needed help organizing her office.  Miss T has a hard time moving around due to an injured leg and put all her paperwork in piles from last year.  We worked together to label folders and organize all paperwork into files and organize them into an easy to use system for her.  When we were done she said, “Wow that is a huge load off my mind and now I can find what I need when I need it!”  We also decluttered her office and now it looks great! The space is much easier to work in.


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I look forward to making your life easier…one task at a time!
~ Sue


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