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Nov 3, 2021 | Newsletter

Fall is here!
Time for pumpkins, cider, donuts and crunching leaves.

A Note From Sue

A note from Sue

Happy Fall Y’All,
What a wonderful time of year for getting out to a cider mill, a fall color driving tour, or spending time outside with our loved ones. I love the decorations and the warm and fuzzy feeling that fall brings.

My husband and I just got back from visiting my family in Colorado and a side trip to see the beautiful mountains ablaze with the fall colors of the Aspen trees. On this trip, we toured the Durango area of Colorado and had fun standing on the famous “4 corners” where you are actually in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico all at one time.

For anyone looking for a great read on the life of mining in Colorado, my Dad and our 4×4 Jeep tour guide recommended: “Tomboy Bride.” It is about a woman’s personal account of life in the mining camps of Colorado-just started reading it and love it so far.

Smiles From Sue



Stuff To Do In the Community:

Forgotten Harvest is looking for volunteers for a variety of assignments this month. If you are interested in volunteering, please click HERE for more information.
~ Enjoy the Fall colors at The Henry Ford House in Grosse Pointe. You can visit the grounds for only $5.00 each for the whole day. What a great thing to do with your family. Make a picnic, bring a blanket and hang out by the beautiful Lake St. Clair. You can watch the water and boaters go by and see the beautiful gardens.

~ These are great links to use for all kinds of upcoming events: https://www.clickondetroit.com/liveguide/#/
~ Take a stroll down memory lane at the world-famous Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.
~ Check out Belle Isle and all it has to offer!!  A stroll on the waterfront or a leisurely drive around the island does a soul good. Nothing like fresh air and beautiful fall colors to make us feel alive! Visit a Cider Mill and eat lots of yummy donuts and cider.

Living Trust

Extending Grace to your Loved ones by having a Living Trust

Though the years I have heard hundreds of stories of families being ripped apart because their loved ones did not have a will or trust.

I just met with an amazing lady that many friends I know refer and trust. Her name is Dawn Trotto and she is a CPA and Fiduciary (her contact info is below this article).

A fiduciary is someone who manages property or money on behalf of someone else. When you become a fiduciary, the law requires you to manage the person’s assets for their benefit—and not your own. 

Here is a list from Dawn of services a fiduciary can do at a cost much less than an attorney. A fiduciary works with the attorney and CPA so everyone is apprised of pertinent information. What I love about her services is the client receives 3 pages of important information. One page is the family tree with a description of the “personalities” of the family and those that are “difficult” who may have their own agenda.  This makes it easier for the family and trustees to understand when someone dies vs. trying to read thru a long jargon filled estate paperwork. It is a nice snapshot. 

Fiduciary Services includes:

  • Estate Plan Summary (family tree, fiduciaries, beneficiaries)
  • Financial Inventory
  • Tangible Personal Property Template
  • Closing Letter

And there are many Non-Fiduciary Services available as well.

Dawn Trotto’s contact information is:
On the Horizon Estate Coordination


I am taking appointments now for:

🌺 Organizing offices, files, and decluttering
🌺 Help to make calls and appointments and to organize your time
🌺 Organizing all your household reoccurring needs in online software that is easy for you to use/or on paper
🌺 Clean up around the yard to get ready for Fall
🌺 Wardrobe change over
🌺 Taking donations to a charity
🌺 Light housekeeping and laundry
🌺 Errand running so you can spend time with your loved ones
🌺 Grocery shopping and putting it away for you
🌺 House watching while you are on vacation or gone for the winter
🌺 And much more!


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